Beyond UFOs by Jeffrey Bennett
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Beyond UFOs by Jeffrey Bennett"Precise, accurate, lucid, and engaging. This is popular-science writing at its best." - Christopher McKay, NASA

Miami University Convocation Selection (2008/9) — the one book chosen for all incoming students to read (prior year selections by Dave Eggers, Toni Morrison, Elie Wiesel, Kurt Vonnegut, more).

Winner, Eric Hoffer Book Award, Culture Category
Silver Medal
, Nautilus Book Awards
Finalist, Eugene M. Emme Astronautical Literature Award

Come along as author and scientist Jeffrey Bennett takes you on a whirlwind tour of the scientific search for life in the universe, the remarkable things we already know about any aliens who might be visiting us, and the astonishing implications of the search for life to our own future as a species.

Jeffrey BennettAlong the way, you'll learn why Bennett says that "science is a way of helping people come to agreement," and how he believes that the search for extraterrestrial life can help bridge the divide that sometimes exists between science and religion, defuse public rancor over the teaching of evolution, and quiet the debate over global warming. He likens humanity today to a troubled adolescent teetering on the edge between self-destruction and a future of virtually limitless possibilities. Beyond UFOs shows why the very quest to find alien life can help us to grow up as a species and chart a course for the stars.

Now available in paperback and e-book, updated and with a new Afterword; for more information, see the Princeton University Press web site.

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